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Majority of companies have resource constraints. When a company promote an operating staff to managerial level, the company may not be able to provide adequate training simultaneously. As a result,

  • the promoted staff fails to "drive the others to do it"

  • the subordinates feel that the new boss is really a big-mouth

  • the business owner wonders that the newly promoted staff is "incapable"

We can customize training programs for any company or individual who is encountering the above difficulties. The following training topics provide a series of strategies, skills and techniques to create value in working life, which in turn lead to personal growth and become masterful at working with others to produce positive outcome:

  • Leadership

    • Manage by objective

    • Smart decision making

    • Delegation appropriately

    • Effective monitoring

    • Team Building

    • Motivation

    • Pressure management

    • Crisis management

  • Motivation

    • Motivated by target

    • Motivated by potential

    • Motivated by trust

    • Motivated by act

    • Motivated by emotion

    • Motivated by overcoming adversity

    • Motivate subordinates

    • Team-motivation

    • Self-motivation

  • Team Building

    • Common goals

    • Role playing

    • Team work

    • Team collaboration

    • Mutual trust

    • Team communication

    • Team motivation

    • Cross-learning

  • Effective Communication

    • Expression skills

    • Questioning skills

    • Listening skills

    • Responding skills

    • Communicate with superiors

    • Communicate with peers

    • Communicate with subordinates

    • Communicate with customers

    • Social skills

  • Talent Management

    • Talent selection

    • Incubation

    • Respect

    • Strength development

    • Career path

    • Performance appraisal

  • Creativity

    • Sense of creativity

    • Logical mindset

    • Reverse thinking

    • Creativity learning

    • Applications of creative methods

    • Self-transcend

    • Creativity management

  • Coaching Skills

    • Talent identification

    • Team building

    • Mentality management

    • Effective guidance

    • Applications of methodology 

    • Gap analysis

    • Cross-learning

    • Self-learning

  • Power of Execution

    • Work scheduling

    • Time management

    • Execution inertia

    • Detail management

    • Change management

    • Efficiency management

    • Method management

  • Performance Enhancement

    • Time management

    • Management by objective

    • Job allocation

    • Applications of methodology

    • Efficiency management

    • Motivation

    • Performance appraisal

    • Continuous improvement

  • Problem Solving

    • Problem identification

    • Problem analysis

    • Problem communication

    • Solution implementation

    • Application of solutions

    • Lessons learned

Group discussions, case studies, role playing, mini-games and other interactive approach will be used to elaborate the interpersonal concept, attitude and know-how, which enable the participants to apply in social and working lives and achieve 3-win normal state: self-win, team-win, company-win.

What we offer to improve interpersonal skills for your company staffs?

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